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Welcome to The Raleigh School
Thank you for your interest in The Raleigh School!  
At The Raleigh School, we know these things without any doubt:
Children need to play.
Children are curious.
Children like challenges.
Children respond to respect.
When children, teachers and parents come together, amazing things happen. That is the The Raleigh School.

The Raleigh School welcomes inquiries and applications.  Prospective parents are encouraged to visit before submitting an application.  Tours for 2018-2019 will begin in October.  We have limited openings for 2018-2019 in our preschool classes.  If you are interested in 2018-2019, please email or call Karen Peterson at [email protected] or 919-828-5351.  Please inquire or apply using the links above or email [email protected]   
We look forward to meeting you soon!
The Raleigh School encourages a diverse student body and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, national and ethnic origin, or religion in admission decisions.